Lightening Cash is more than a privacy protection asset transfer protocol. It has developed some incredible new token incentives to maximize the benefits for LIC Holders, Farmers and Stakers. I will present an overview in this article.


Users Incentives

Linghtening Cash App Allows users to spend a small fee to send BNB or any BEP20 token to any address in a way that obscures your sending address. It has two user flows:

  • Deposit: Users can deposit BNB or any BEP20 token to the privacy box and then easily generate a secret deposit note that allows you to use said deposit without…

Nowadays, if any individuals or parties recognize your address on Binance Smart Chain, they can find out all transactions or even your balance through block explorers such as BSCscan. This enables them to analyze your wallet addresses, track your transactions, your fund flow, or any on-chain activities.

The fact of the matter is that users on Binance Smart Chain have few options for their information privacy. This has inspired us to develop Lightening Cash, a protocol allowing you to send coins/tokens anonymously without being tracked by others.

Lightening Cash is a protocol built on Binance Smart Chain using Zero-Knowledge proof…

Lightening Cash

Official Medium of Lightening Cash protocol

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